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Young Girl Needs Community Help in Battle with Cancer

Young Girl Need Community Help in Battle with CancerA rare form of cancer has struck 14-year-old Charmaine Martin and is taking a toll on her family.

In June, Charmaine was diagnosed with an Ependymoma tumour which is a tumor that arises from the ependyma, a tissue of the central nervous system. Usually, in paediatric cases the location is intra-cranial, while in adults it is spinal. For Charmaine’s it was found on her brain.

Charmaine underwent successful surgery, but her journey continues with chemotherapy. The chemotherapy treatment started two weeks ago and has caused Charmaine to be hospitalised with a negative white blood cell count. This has also meant Charmaine has had to receive transfusions.

With the medical care bills mounting, Charmaine’s mother has left her full-time employment to care for her sick child.

The family have reached out to the Caboolture community for support through this time. You can find out how you can help by going to their Help for The Martin Family fundraising web page.

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