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New Rental Homes in Bellmere, Caboolture

Scott: Hi, Scott Lachmund from 4510TV. Out on site this afternoon on Bellmere Road in Bellmere with an exciting new development happening behind us. With me, Karen George, Property Management Director of Richardson & Wrench Caboolture. How are you doing Karen?

Karen: Hi Scott.

Scott: Hi Scott, short and sweet. We’re going good and there’s a couple of locals going past as well. Now Karen, while we’re on site, there’s a bit of excitement and anticipation. A new development coming to Bellmere. Tell us about it.

Karen: We have our builder, Phillip Usher Construction, that are going to be starting here, townhouse units. They’re going to be for sale. They’re going to be for rent. We specialize in putting our investors and tenancies together for this local area.

Scott: Ninety four lots and with the townhouse living, obviously, good size lots, the townhouses and there’s already a precedence within the estate where we’ve had some construction by Phillip Usher before. Tell us about the quality of the homes to expect.

Karen: I think what people like about townhouses is, there’s not a lot to look after in the yard, so it’s convenient but you’re getting on suite. You’re getting air con. You’re getting security. All in a very modern new age, new color. You live in a brand new house as a tenant, that’s a great opportunity.

Scott: Excellent. Within the Bellmere area, rents, even though brand new properties that you will be able to apply for for rent. Brand new properties and they’re still going to be fairly affordable.

Karen: Oh very affordable. In properties already around this area, you can afford to have two people sharing and getting a brand new house but both having their own space in the property or you can get a family. Family are going to rent here. The school bus keeps going past us. The new Bellmere school is here. The best bakery and the best butcher in town is here. A kilometer back that way, back at the shopping center.

Scott: Yeah, back at the Morayfield Shopping Center. It is a prime location. As you mentioned, the brand new Bellmere State School just opened up this year for the primary school. Yes, we’ve got the local shopping center at Bellmere Road. The butcher, etc., etc. It’s just a great location. Why I wanted to come out and do a quick interview with you is, just this growth that we’re having in our local investment market and once again, you specialize in newer style management.

Karen: Definitely. What we like about this is good quality tenants can find somewhere local instead of moving out of the area. They don’t need to go into the city to get a nice townhouse. They can be here in Bellmere where there’s still trees. There’s still location. Everything’s here that you need.

Scott: Excellent. Expected time frame for the project, the boys are turning over the soil at the moment. What are we talking about?

Karen: Within the next three months. The next three months, this will all be lined with houses. That’s how quick they’re doing it.

Scott: Lovely. Anything else you’d like to say? The current rental market is extremely busy around town, generally this day of the year. January, February is a busy period. You’ve had some record tenancies letting out recently?

Karen: We have. In the first ten days of February, we’ve rented 21 houses to families. It just seems that everyone is still moving to the … That’s really positive. Lots of people moving to the area still. Job transfers, families relocating or upgrading. They’ve all been around. They’ve settle in January, February. Things will quiet down now until Easter. We’ve been really happy with the quality of tenants that are applying for nice quality homes around Caboolture, Bellmere.

Scott: Yeah, spot on. It is the place to live and for more details, obviously, get in contact with Richardson & Wrench Caboolture. Karen and her team with the rentals. Will you have a pre-register list as these get nearer to completion?

Karen: By middle of March. Middle of March, start having a look on our website. We’ll put them when they’re about six weeks away from completion. That’s for sellers as well. These developers sell to investors or home owners about six weeks away from completion. You can talk to anyone in our office about sales or give us a call and ask us about when they’re coming up for rental. You’ll see the signs. We’ll have signage everywhere.

Scott: All right, spot on. Very exciting. New development and a market update for rental from Karen George at Richardson & Wrench Caboolture. Thanks.

Karen: Thank you.

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