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Matusik Talks About Moreton Bay Region Land Development Supply Issues

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Independent housing market analyst, Michael Matusik presented to a packed room in the Moreton Bay Region, talking about the dire state of the right kind of land development supply for the future.

Mr Matusik tied getting the right kind of land supply for development online to job prospects in the region.

“Unless we provide the right amount of stock to cater for the growth, what’s going to happen is this area’s going to suffer from a couple of things,” Mr Matusik said in the video above.

“It’s going to suffer from jobs. Why?

“Twelve percent of all jobs here are directly related to construction, that’s 1 in 8 and 1 in 4, 25% are directly and indirectly ’cause somebody built something.

“The local jobs here are largely that.

“Yes, a lot of people drive early in the morning down to Brisbane and so forth.

“Some do construction jobs there, but a lot of people are involved there, and that’s just maybe a stat that I understand and clean up each time.

“So jobs are important.”

This event was hosted by the Lachmund family business, Richardson and Wrench, Caboolture.