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Jack Willow’s Health & Wellness Centre, Morayfield

Scott Lachmund: Hi Scott Lachmund. 4510 TV. Here visiting another great Caboolture local business. The Jack Willows Health and Wellness Centre. With the ladies of Jack Willows. We’ve got Amanda, Coral Lee, and Lorell. Good afternoon ladies.

Amanda: Hi Scott.

Coral Lee: Hi Scott.

Lorell: Hi Scott.

Jack Willow’s Health & Wellness Centre, MorayfieldScott Lachmund: Now thanks for inviting the crew in, because it’s a new business in Caboolture and everything about health and wellness. The minute that I walked through the door, place feels great. It smells nice, but for someone like me who doesn’t know much about health and wellness … I want to start with Amanda first. What do you do here Amanda?

Amanda: I’m one of the practitioners, so I’m a remedial massage therapist. I incorporate a range of techniques including cupping, drying needling to get some results, but basically yeah remedial massage.

Scott Lachmund: Excellent, and Coral Lee your first impressions as I walked in the door, your beautiful smile. What’s your role here at Jack Willows?

Coral Lee: I do the reception here at Jack Willows. It’s a fantastic place to work. Our practitioners are amazing and fantastic at what they do. We offer several different types of options and an all-round sort of wellness feel for the whole centre.

Scott Lachmund: Excellent, and Lorell, your role in the business?

Lorell: I am the CEO of Jack Willows Health and Wellness Centre, and musculoskeletal therapist. With that we fit between remedial massage and physical therapy. Basically the centre is a centre that focuses on pain relief, rehabilitation, getting people back to doing what they love. Postural rehabilitation with any natural therapies possible that’s available. We house a bunch of practitioners that love what we do. We come together and we want to provide a holistic, fantastic service to the community, and take it away from there basically.

Scott Lachmund: Excellent. Lorell there is a lot of passion, and I can tell the vibe as you walk there’s passion here. I can tell you love what you do. Amanda can we talk about the remedial therapy just a little bit further. Does that extend into … There’s a form of acupuncture or dry needle?

Amanda: It’s dry needling, so acupuncture is more to deal with general health. Dry needling is specifically for muscles. It’s a technique to release trigger points and muscle pain. Especially acute pain, so it can help relieve chronic and acute pain basically. We also incorporate cupping, if the needling or you’re not liking needles I guess. A lot of people are afraid of needles, but these needles are acupuncture needles so they’re very thin. They don’t have a hollow tip, so generally you won’t even feel them going in if I do my job right. Then I have cupping as well. It’s another way to relieve tension, so yeah I just use a combination of techniques basically to help you get up and about, and relieve that muscle pain.

Scott Lachmund: Excellent, and Coral Lee the treatments offered here … You also have a store. Teas, oils, etc, and that also available on your website, tell us about that.

Coral Lee: Yeah sure. We have out website, and we have an online store. We stock beautiful Australian/Tasmanian teas here, very popular. They’re also sold at the Caboolture markets on a Sunday. We also have a range of products just focused around the general well being of people. Getting the best out of their bodies. Making them feel their best.
Scott Lachmund: Excellent, and back to Lorell. So many names, Lorell. Lorell tell us about the fancy sauna.

Lorell: We have a clear light infrared sauna. This provides mid and far infrared rays. It is perfect for a detox. They claim there is some weight loss benefits in there as well. Really good before muscle massage treatments, things like that. Basically it will melt the muscle, and it’s so easy to work with. People just love it, because they are energized. They feel so much better. 30 minutes is all you need. It’s wonderful.

Scott Lachmund: That sort of technology. That’s pretty advanced to see a facility like that in this area?

Lorell: Yes it’s one of the latest one. As I said the clear light sauna.

Scott Lachmund: Well done. What I’m trying to say to our viewers at 450 TV, is it feels great. This place health and wellness, you need to get down to Jack Willows Health and Wellness Centre. 107 Murray Ford Road. As you can see by the team, very passionate about health and wellness for their clients. Also the latest technology in the equipment and the procedures that you’re using. Which is great for out Caboolture area. Anything we’ve missed ladies?

Coral Lee: Which is … One of the best parts of my job is getting to know the clients when they come in. Seeing them from when they’re starting, and their aches and pains. Then the relief they get when they walk out. Most of our clients are just so happy with the way that they fee, and it really makes our day.

Scott Lachmund: We’ve gone through all the treatments on offer and the facilities here, but can I ask you Coral Lee, what sort of clients do you have come to Jack Willows?

Coral Lee: We have a range of all different clients. From children through to the elderly. People suffering from sporting injuries, health injuries. Just general tightness and stress, fatigue. Anything like that that’s making them just not feel a 100%. We have a lot of sports people come in as well. Yeah weightlifters. We have a lot of people in the local area that utilize the local gyms. Our nutritionist here, he helps with the improvement of his clients, or of our clients. We all work together to complement each other, so the clients get the best of what they’re trying to achieve.

Scott Lachmund: Excellent, and I’m sure the proof of a job well done, is when the clients leave maybe better than when they first walked in?

Coral Lee: Of course. Of course. Just to see … When they come out they’re a bit oh I need a sleep, but after that and they recover from that, they feel fabulous.

Scott Lachmund: Excellent. Thanks for being on 4510 TV. Ladies from Jack Willows Health and Wellness Centre. 170 Murray Ford Road. Check yourself in and I’m sure you’ll be leaving feeling pretty well.

Coral Lee: Thanks Scott.

Amanda: Thank you.

Scott Lachmund: Guys.

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