EP6 Caboolture – 4510TV Podcast – Ray Wood – Work-Life-Balance

Real Estate trainer, coach, marketing specialist, best selling author, speaker, podcaster and entrepreneur, Ray Wood talked with Scott Lachmund from Caboolture – 4510TV about work-life balance.

“I think it’s a matter really of what works for you or what works for the individual,” Ray Wood said in the podcast above.

“So, I’ve learned to just go with the projects while they’re there.

“Then you have some downtime.”

About Ray Wood

Ray is a real estate trainer, coach, marketing specialist, best-selling author, speaker, podcaster and entrepreneur.

His area of expertise is working with residential, commercial and industrial real estate professionals to boost results and grow their personal brand through building relationships, technology, innovation, better scripts and dialogues and great marketing.

He’s founder at Bestagents, a real estate training and marketing group. Co-Founder at (real estate software), Co-Founder at (a creative marketing platform for agents) and host and presenter at (a Podcast for real estate agents)

Ray is a 4th generation real estate agent and auctioneer from Melbourne Australia living in Toronto since 2008.

He is also the best selling author of ‘How To Sell Your Home For More’ (more than 365,000 copies sold)

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Read the Ray Wood – Work-Life-Balance Podcast TRANSCRIPT

Scott Lachmund: Hi, Scott Lachman, and welcome to the 4-5-0 TV podcast series, episode six. Today we’re talking to Ray Wood about work life balance. Does it actually exist? Now our guest today, Ray Wood is a Real Estate Trainer, Coach, Marketing Specialist, best selling author, speaker, podcaster and entrepreneur. His area of expertise is working with real estate professionals to boost results and grow their personal brand through relationships, technology, innovation and some great marketing.
He’s also the founder at Best Agents Real Estate Training and marketing group. A founder of “LockedOn” cofounder of “LockedOn” a real estate software programme, a cofounder of, which is a creative marketing platform and also a host and presenter of top agents,, a podcast series for real estate agents around the world, ray’s a fourth generation real estate agent and auctioneer from Melbourne, Australia, now living in Toronto, Canada. And he’s also the best selling author of how to sell your home for more, more than 365,000 copies have been sold to date. So I’ve asked Ray to be our guest on 4-5-0 TV podcast series because we want to talk about work life balance and does it actually exist? Ray Wood are you on the line?

Ray Wood: I am Scott, how are you buddy?

Scott Lachmund: Good, Mate. That’s quite an intro for you and just for our listeners.

Ray Wood: I’m exhausted after listening to all of that. But you did a couple of things. You did, you did leave out. I’m about 6’4 and I’ve got plenty of hair.

Scott Lachmund: Okay, well I’m glad we’re on the podcast series cause there’s no, there’s no video here and, and maybe if our listeners want to look you up on Google, they’ll see that image of you. Ray, I wanted to get you on mate cause I want to completely put real estate on the shelf for the moment and we want to talk about this work life balance that we hear so often now and part of our podcast series, we’ve touched on it briefly with the health and fitness side of things through Genesis, one of our local gyms. But I want to talk to you. You’re, you’re a busy man. You, you live in Canada, you have businesses that are global and you’re always travelling. I then also see snippets of your private life where you share time between the snow and the Lake. So if I’ve missed anything in the beginning, what else would you like to add to Ray Wood to, to introduce yourself?

Ray Wood: No, I think you’ve covered off everything Scottie. I guess, you know, we get dealt a hand in life my, my attitude on that is that we kind of make our own luck and you do what you can with what you have. I mean I am born in Melbourne or born in the country actually in Swan Hill. Lived in Melbourne for many years. I love Melbourne. I love Australia. But a number of things conspired and I wanted to be with my kids. Long story short, which is why I ended up in Canada, probably on the East coast, about as far as you can get from Australia without sort of, you know, coming back the other way. It’s a long way away. I head back in the morning, actually, I’m in Sydney, head back in the morning and it’s about all the time when I get home it’ll be sort of 24 hours from go to work, 24 to 30 so it’s, I don’t really enjoy that, enjoy that trip.
But yeah, it’s, it is challenging, but we, I guess my attitude is that you’ve got to do the best you can with, with what you’ve got. And I’ve been fortunate to, you know, I probably couldn’t have done this 20 years ago, Scotty. I need the technology that we have now to be able to communicate with my clients and work with the agents that I coach and make my contributions to the startups that I’m involved with. So I don’t know, it’s all a bit of a blur, I guess the last 10 or 15 years. But it is what it is.

Scott Lachmund: Yep. Now you’ve, excuse me, you’ve got some, an international business as we’ve said in the beginning. Probably my first question to get us down that line of what your life consists of with this work life balance, how do you find yourself operating businesses between different global time zones?

Ray Wood: Well, I guess a company like Jigglar, is we’re in about 120 countries, which is exciting. We’re about just coming up to two years old. So it’s been a meteoric rise and I guess just on Jigglar, I always wanted to have that kind of creative option for real estate agents to put something together without having to have a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. And that’s kind of where all of that came from. When I’m speaking with, 6:00 PM in Toronto is about 9:00 or 10:00 AM in Sydney, the next day. So I’m sort of conscious that my evenings for 4 days a week, phone calls and meetings and stuff with a lot of my Australian clients and agents that I work with even with best days until we’ve locked on. So my role is probably more marketing I’m the guy that writes the emails that puts the emails together to help people learn more about our products and give them reasons why they need to try them out and, you know, my job is to grow the business and that’s kind of what I enjoy doing.
I find they are long days and I try to, I guess one of the tips that I would offer is that I try to keep relatively fit. I can’t always go to the gym or ride my bike every day, especially in Toronto winter, when it’s cold and rainy. I don’t enjoy that, but I do try to get to the gym and at least do something everyday cause I find that that does energise me. I learned long ago that if I do the things that I don’t really like doing, which is including the gym, I love riding my bike, but like I said, you can’t always do that. But if I get those things out of the way early, then that leaves my day to be a little, little less guilt, guilt free, and I feel it gives me more energy as well.

Scott Lachmund: Yep. So were you working into the night in your time and daytime? Let’s say in Australia. Are you then having a sleep in. Are you starting later in your next day?

Ray Wood: No, not really. No. No. I like to be sort of on the tools by 7:30 or 8:00 a.m. I work out of a home office. If I’m at home, I want to be up and going relatively fast. I mean, I love what I do. I find that if I’m sort of at the gym and back by 8:00 or 8:30, that’s still a great time for me. My brain is fresh. If I need to sit down and write some email copy or if I’m writing a book or whatever kind of creative thing I’m doing, I find that’s when my brain is at its best. And sort of after lunch one or two, it’s probably like the same for everybody, I guess a bit of a low energy time. So I might just take it easy or take my dog Roxy for a bit of a walk for now, and then by the time five or six comes around I’ve normally got calls booked and stuff. So I guess when a lot of people are quitting for the day in my neck of the woods anyway where I’m sort of back on the tools for three or four hours. But that’s kind of what I do. It’s kind of what I’ve always done and I do enjoy it. So I guess when you like what you do it makes it a lot easier.

Scott Lachmund: Yeah. You’ve mentioned a few key points just with your energy. There is a mixture of exercise and diet to keep your energy levels up and about, especially when you’re dealing between different global time zones. Ray, the biggest question, and I said at the start of the podcast, I hear the word work life balance nearly every day and I’m sure you do with all your network as well. What does that, what do those three words mean to you?

Ray Wood: I don’t subscribe to that theory. I know a lot of people do. For me personally, Scott, I think it’s, I think it’s something of a myth and that’s just me. You know, like people say you do need to do this and you need to have the balance of stuff. I find that we kind of, we seem to work in, I sort of call it bingeing. If I have a project to do, if I need to sit down and get something done, I will, you know, I’ll put my head down for days at a time and, and knock it out. Especially if you’re writing, because if, if you’re writing something that’s a little bit longer and you need to, you can’t go away and leave that for four days, because by the time you come back, you’ve got no clue as to what you were talking about.
So, that’s the sort of thing where you just need to be continuous. So I feel like I work in projects and I’m pretty careful with my planning. If I’m planning something, I dedicate, or allocate time to it, I can sit down and get into it. So I guess this whole idea about like having a daily must do this, must do that. One of the great things about having a dog, Roxy, is that she does come up to me if I haven’t taken her for a walk by 12 or 1 o’clock. She just comes up to my desk and just stands there. She makes these little sort of grunting noises, which says that she wants to go for a walk. So that gets me out and about. Well, to a large extent, and I’m sure a lot of people listening to this would disagree. I think it’s a matter really of what works for you or what works for the individual. So I’ve learned to just go with the projects while they’re there. Then you have some downtime.

Scott Lachmund: Yeah, no, and I’ve got to agree mate, not just because you’re a nice bloke. I figure similar the last couple of years where this has been a topic and it’s come to fruition, particularly in business life, and there’s quite a few mindset coaches and business coaches they’re using the work life balance. I just think it comes back to fundamentals, a good diet, some regular exercise. And when we talk about work, well, when you’re at work, you’re at work and when you get home, you try to leave the work at, at the office and enjoy that home environment. In my take of work life balance, really right chores is that I think if we work hard, you know, whether it’s Monday to Friday or Monday to Saturday for real estate agents, I just try to make the most out of that time that I’ve got outside of that work environment with family and friends, et cetera.
And probably last week was a good example for me, a very busy time in local real estate for Kubota, Queensland and I think 70 odd sales or something in the last few months, which has created a really busy environment, but there was nothing better than getting home at four o’clock on Saturday. Cracking a refreshment and knowing that I had a Sunday off to enjoy. And maybe that’s not a good thing that I was looking forward to that break. So was I saying to myself that am I not getting enough breaks in between? And you start to go through this whole emotion of what is this balance that we’re looking for? And I think it just comes back to what you’ve said it suits the individuals. I know some successful agents or professionals in business where they do like work sprints. They’ll work eight weeks solid and then they’ll have a couple of weeks holiday. They work eight weeks, have a couple of weeks holiday. There’s so many ways that you can find this balance. I think Ray, you’ve probably hit on the head that it does come back down to an individual thing and what you enjoy.

Ray Wood: Oh 100% Scott and your businesses is you and your business. I think you are, correct me if I’m wrong. Are you not the number one R and W franchise in the country at the moment or close to it?

Scott Lachmund: Oh yeah. We’re going all right mate. Plenty of sales and groceries on the table next week. That’s for sure. We’re going really well. But that busy environment, it creates a lot of activity and sometimes it creates, stress, anxiety and maybe thinking about the outcome of certain business deals rather than following the process. And we can get a bit off track with our mental focus when we’re active like that. And I think that’s when people scream out maybe too late. They hit a wall and they break, before looking for this balance prior.

Ray Wood: Yeah. Yeah. Well I was going to mention that I talk about making your own luck with that kind of volume that you’ve got that just, that doesn’t happen. I mean you can’t buy that online, so you’ve worked, you and your team with your wife and your family, you guys have worked so hard to make that happen. You harnessed your resources in. I’m a country boy and I’m sure people listening have tried to light a fire. It’s a little bit cold and it’s a little bit wet have you ever done that? And you try to get the fire going and once it reaches a certain amount of heat, the wood that might be a bit damp suddenly starts to combust and catch fire and then you feed it and grow it.
And before you know where you, it’s roaring away and sales and momentum and you know, let’s talk about real estate and we’ve seen plenty of examples and your fire is roaring at the moment because you’ve got this momentum and it is such a visual presence that everybody can see what’s going on and that doesn’t happen in a heartbeat. Like I said, you have to manufacture it, but it also takes time to get to that point and it takes a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of passion and you’ve done that very, very well. You know right back when you started 4510 TV you’re interviewing. I think you were one of the first people to do it. That’s how you got on my radar. That you were out there making other people a hero in your videos promoting them.
So you were thinking differently. You were zigging, where everybody else was zagging and I think that’s a little bit of a part of business as well and a lot of people are scared to do that because they’re worried about what other people in the industry might think as opposed to saying, this is different. This is working for me. I don’t care what anybody else thinks because I’m just going to go ahead and do it. I just had a couple, oh last week, a couple of brilliant days with Garth Makowski, he’s an amazing Harcourts Top Gun in Campbelltown, just West of Sydney and Garth is very big on, and this might be of interest to you. I know, you and I haven’t discussed this in any depth, but he’s very big on goal planning and he keeps his written goals with him in his journal basically all the time and looks at them every day because they are their in his journal and he’s got a track record for reaching so many of these goals that he’s worked so hard to do.
He splits them up into family goals. Another one is critical friendships, which is really interesting. It’s an interesting topic all by itself, but he surrounds himself with the people that he wants to be with. He’s personal like his fitness goals, fitness and health goals, family and financial. So I think when you’ve got a focus of what you’re trying to do and we only go around once don’t we? You know this is not a rehearsal. If you’ve got a vision for what you want to do, I find that really helps, especially when times get a little bit tough when you have some challenges just to come back, revisit what’s going on, take a look and perhaps reorganise, a little reset, reorganise your priorities and look at what’s important. You know, if you’re setting goals for your business, which I would imagine you probably do, it’s pretty easy to see where your priorities lie because you’ve obviously been doing that and then reaching them and achieving them and that is exciting and it’s very fulfilling once that stuff to happen.

Scott Lachmund: Yeah, definitely. I’m just talking about Garth. You may or may not be able to answer, but when you’re setting goals like that and bringing back the focus of the work, the life, the balance, does Garth reward himself once he reaches a certain goal or target,

Ray Wood: You can get into that terribly much. I think it’s far like somebody with Garth’s personality, reaching the goal probably is the reward and that’s what you focus on. I liked the idea of people for example, chunking something back to a diet and in real estate what is the, well, unless you’re putting a deal together or you’re doing a listing presentation, what’s more important than prospecting? So then, okay, if prospecting is that important, then that needs to be a priority for us. Site not prefer the I am and also I love Saturdays because that’s a day when a lot of people are home. So I think the satisfaction that I get is from, okay, that’s all part of the little puzzle. That’s all part of the part of the whole goal that I’m trying to achieve and my effort even minutely down for one day I’ve used that day successfully to contribute to that.
I think so many people in real estate get frustrated they spin their wheels, they even slide backwards financially because they’re exhausted when they get home at six or seven or whatever it might be. And we don’t work regular hours and have Christmas, they’re exhausted. And at the end of the week, month, Year. They don’t have a lot to show for it because I think they get stuck in the thick of thin things and their priorities aren’t where they need to be. And that’s tough and it’s difficult. And hey I’ve been there, I know what it’s like at that point. I think you need to take a pretty solid look at, at what you’re doing. And sometimes you might think you’re doing something and you just got to keep at it. Whereby the reality is. I think if you’re doing something and its not getting you the results, you need to shift focus. And look at the things that will get you results.

Scott Lachmund: Yeah, most definitely. Where I was probably going with that and you mentioned like let’s say we keep on coming back to real estate cause 450 TV listeners would know that 450 TV is powered by Richardson wrench as a community project that, and we talk about my business as the host et cetera, but you mentioned for me personally like if I had, if I know I’m having a late night, there’s appointments I need to go see some clients site nighttime, what I to do try to do is then focus that maybe the following day or near to it. I might have a later start of the morning and maybe go see the grand son at school on his parade or drop them off at childcare or something. I try to supplement that little bit of family time so if I’m out late at night, try to have a late start the next morning and do something family oriented or at least have breakfast with the kids or something.
And that’s probably where I’m getting back to with this whole balancing of when you talk about priorities and so forth. Not everyone has families obviously, but I think if you’re stretching your limits and working, burning the candle at both ends, we know what happens then it, it spells disaster, but I think just one of my tips would be try to balance out that working week and if it’s later one night, maybe make it later the next morning I’m onto my next thing, my turn. That’s my little tip one of, but I’m sure you’ve got some other tips for busy professionals and business owners to find time for that unwind. Is there any apps or tech tools or anything that you’re using to create some spare time or juggle your time?

Ray Wood: Yes. Firstly, as part of my family goals is to always have a holiday planned or booked. I find the wonderful value of a vacation with your wife or your family or whatever it might be, is that yes, you’re going to enjoy that vacation, but if that’s three, four, five months ahead or whatever, you’ve got the added benefits of looking forward to it and you know, that you’re working towards something, which I think is awesome. And that’s so many people that I work with, like in my coaching business as well, I always my make sure that, some vacay is planned, even if they shorter and on a budget, whatever they might be, but I just think, then you can work toward that time. And that’s when, because like, look, Scott real estate, real estate consumes us.
Every other professional, knocks off work at five o’clock on a Friday, pretty much, you know, Saturdays are game day and gosh, many people are working Sundays as well. So it is all consuming.
One of the big time-saving things that I’ve enjoyed using and we use this between my partners at best agents and LockedOn and Jigglar is a little app called Voxer, V-O-X-E-R on my iPhone and Voxer lets me record a quick message. Hi Scott, hows it going, looking forward to our interview on Friday, blah blah blah. Whatever it might be and that quickly packages that up and sends it to you. So in this, in this world where we are also time poor even if I have to text that or even dictate it, it’s going to take me longer. So being able to send a personal message like that is I think is a great top time saver.
SIDA, there’s an app that you can get to your phone that I know a lot of agents use cause they can send the same thing but in video form. And you can do that with an app called BombBomb and You can check it out. I know a lot of agencies that is very popular, just as cool and innovative ways to ways to connect.
When I’m travelling, I use an app called TripIt, which I’m a huge fan of. So when you book a hotel or an airfare anywhere you get your receipt, which comes back to you via email. And then when I get that I’ll just send that plan that and it automatically adds it to my schedule. I don’t know how it does it, but it’s brilliant. So that’s a very popular little little app that I love to use this world.
So anything that helps me save a little bit of time. Even shopping with my wife Christina and I both have this app on our phone called Wunderlist, W-U-N-D-E-R-L-I-S-T WunderList. And it lets us just add the shopping things in there. So, when I hit the supermarket, I say, yeah, okay, I’ve got to get olive oil, rolled outs, coffee, whatever it might be. And just makes life a little bit easier.

Scott Lachmund: I’m glad you confirmed the spelling of Wunderlist because I didn’t want to know about Wunderlust between you and the wife… Very different meaning

Ray Wood: No, it’s very definitely Wunderlist.

Scott Lachmund: Make sure we get that right. Ray, As I said at the start of the podcast, I really just wanted to catch you. You’re, you’re a global entrepreneur. I know you’re extremely busy between networking and dealing with people all around the world. And you mentioned Jigglar one of your creative marketing platforms now 190 countries now did you say?

Ray Wood: 120 yeah, we are in 120 countries. Now there are, I think I’m making it sound bigger than it is. But it is a global platform and agents can jump in and do anything in it, which is wonderful. And the biggest thank you I get is when I hear and I get this, I’ll get emails every day, how people are using it to win listings A and also save a lot of money in their creative design and graphic design is getting more and more expensive, but real estate is probably, I think it’s more a matter of doing the things that actually work. So many of the templates that we create in Jigglar, I’m not meaning to turn this into a club, but it is what it is. So many of the things that we do are actually tested and proven to work to help real estate agents. For me, our job is pretty simple really when you think about it, all we need to do is get in front of more sellers and buyers. That’s our business. If we were able to help people get a better result, then our job is to be able to connect with them and show them at least get the opportunity to present and show them what we do. So I love the idea of helping agents, making them look different, making them stand out in their markets, helping them win more listings and make more sales.

Scott Lachmund: Excellent. Well you’ve helped us today, 450 TV, Ray wood, talking all things work life balance and for our listeners, thanks for tuning in. We will have more episodes coming along the platform and for today, just another wrap up of that work life balance for business professionals. Check out some of those apps, Voxer, BombBomb and Wunderlist. Get the spelling right on that one. Wunderlist. And again, Ray, thank you for your time. I’m sure this conversation is going to continue and I’ll probably finish just with that final one is I’m sure part of your coaching and speaking and even your podcast series, which is incredible, the top agents playbook over 150 odd episodes now on your platform. The biggest thing I’m sure you’re reiterating is that you do need some sort of balance in your life for the ultimate success.

Ray Wood: I think so. I think so. And Scottie, thank you for your time. It’s been an absolute blast. Catching up mate.

Scott Lachmund: Okay, well take care and episode six of the 450 TV podcast, and we’ll get that out across the channels and hopefully some of your listeners and followers got to see a little bit of behind the scenes of Ray Wood not talking all real estate and coaching. It was a little bit about Ray today, so that’s what I wanted to feature. So thanks mate and we’ll catch up on the next one.

Ray Wood: Thanks, Scotty. Take care.