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EP3 4510TV Podcast – A Chat with Genesis Fitness

Weight loss, avoiding chronic disease, prolonging your life and the quality of it…

Scott Lachmund from Caboolture – 4510tv chats with some of the Genesis Health and Fitness Morayfield team to get to the bottom of the no gimmicks way to better health.

Also, find out how you can get started WITHOUT PAYING A JOINING FEE AND THE FIRST MONTH of membership.

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Scott Lachmund: Hi, Scott Lachmund, 4510TV podcast series and here we are again for episode three. Welcome back to our listeners. Thanks for joining us, our new podcast series 4510TV. Hope you enjoyed the first couple of episodes talking all things real estate and property management related, but today something different, health and wellbeing in our community. Guest in the studios today we have Mark Creedon, good morning Mark.

Mark Creedon: Hello Scott. Thank you for having me.

Scott Lachmund: No worries mate. Mark Creedon, tell us who Mark is and and where you’re from.

Mark Creedon: Scott, I’ve lived in Burpengary for all of my life and I’m a personal trainer at Morayfield.

Scott Lachmund: Okay, so a local boy and personal training mate, when did it get into that?

Mark Creedon: I’ve been doing that for five years now.

Scott Lachmund: Okay, cool. Now we know you’re at Genesis gym at Morayfield. We’re going to do, as we’re doing our podcast, we’re going across to a Nick Payne, one of the other trainers down there at Genesis to tell us what they’re up to in the gym. But for now a local boy from Burpengary, you do the personal training, you’ve been doing it five years, obviously you’ve got a love for health and wellbeing, mate?

Mark Creedon: Yeah mate, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else now. I love working with people.

Scott Lachmund: All right, cool. So the reason I wanted to talk about health and wellbeing, I think it’s such a large part of our lives these days. And, if I reflect back, maybe rewind the clock 20 years ago there was a life be in it theme on TV and old Norm sitting with the armchair. And Mark’s probably a bit young to remember that. But in my day off, it was big Norm, life be in it. And there was an encouragement across our TV screens to get out and be active and live a healthier life. And I think in recent times we’re getting busier with work and family commitments and I think we maybe forget about that fitness element in our lives. Do you see that with your client’s, Mark?

Mark Creedon: Absolutely, Scott. Yeah. I think sometimes people put too much weight on financial gain or they put too much energy into their work and they’re not giving themselves enough time to actually enjoy their life and focus on their own health.

Scott Lachmund: Yep, and with those time constraints, even just a walk in the park, I think the magic number now is 30 minutes. 30 minutes of exercise a day is better than nothing. Where’s your take? How can you encourage people to get out and be active?

Mark Creedon: Yeah. Absolutely. I think 30 minutes is a great target to aim for. That’s about one 32nd of your waking life. If you’re sleeping for the other eight hours that we’d recommend.

Scott Lachmund: And just, even as simple as walking mate?

Mark Creedon: Yep, absolutely. Walking, if you can do it outside even better. But obviously within the gym you’ve got things like treadmills and bikes and rowers that you can be stationary on.

Scott Lachmund: Yep. And do you think just getting out and being active, that you’re the scientist behind personal training, what does that trigger in our bodies? How does just being active, how does it help us?

Mark Creedon: Okay, so your body is made to move. It’s not designed to sit there and be still. So obviously movement means you’re using energy, you’re using your muscles, you’re keeping your body working as it was meant to work.

Scott Lachmund: And over time obviously benefits of possibly weight loss and…

Mark Creedon: Yeah, absolutely. Weight loss, avoiding chronic disease, prolonging your life and the quality of it.

Scott Lachmund: Excellent. So the importance of health and wellbeing, here we are for our podcast, 4510TV, Mark Creedon, our personal trainer from Genesis Gym. We’re going to pause for a moment. I do want to cross to Nick at Genesis and let’s just see what’s happening at the gym and maybe a special offering for our listeners after we finish talking to Nick. So bear with us. We’re about to dial.

Maxine: Thank you for calling Genesis at Morayfield, this is Maxine.

Scott Lachmund: Hi Maxine. Scottie from 4510TV. How are you going?

Maxine: I’m really good thanks, how are you?

Scott Lachmund: Very good. We’re trying to get put through to Nick Payne please.

Maxine: Okay, just hold on. I’ll put you through.

Speaker 4: If knowledge of fitness classes, we are one of Australia’s leading group exercise specialists. Classes are structured to make-

Nicholas Payne: Hello, it’s Nick speaking.

Scott Lachmund: Hey Nick. Scotty and Mark 4510TV and Mark Creedon personal trainer at Genesis. How are you going?

Nicholas Payne: Good mate, how are you?

Scott Lachmund: Very good Nick. Now, thanks for joining us on the podcast. We’ve got Mark in the studio, he’s just talking about the importance of health and wellbeing, but we wanted to cross to you as one of the one of the trainers and facilitators at Genesis. Tell us a little bit about yourself and Genesis mate.

Nicholas Payne: My name is Nicholas Payne, I’m the personal training manager and [inaudible 00:05:06] consultant down here at Genesis Health and Fitness at Morayfield. I got my bachelor’s in exercise science and Genesis is one of the local clubs in Morayfield that we pride ourselves on being one of the best communities rather than just being a gym.

Scott Lachmund: Yeah. And with Genesis mate, how long have you been there at Morayfield?

Nicholas Payne: I’ve been a member here since 2014 and worked here since 2018.

Scott Lachmund: Okay. And you say the word community, not just a gym. What do you mean by that?

Nicholas Payne: Probably just the feel of the place. We pride ourselves on the staff we have here, rather than just being a place to work out, it’s more of a place that people come to meet people and have friends rather than just being a exercise facility.

Scott Lachmund: And a supportive sort of environment?

Nicholas Payne: Yeah, definitely mate.

Scott Lachmund: Okay. So the benefits of joining Genesis for our listeners today, what would you say the benefits of joining a gym, like yourselves?

Nicholas Payne: Oh look mate, there’s so many, both physical and psychological training wise you’ll become stronger, fitter, faster. Your balance and stamina will increase. Health wise, the risk of heart disease, obesity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure will decrease. And exercise has been shown to improve many aspects of both mental health and wellbeing and obviously general quality of life will improve with the incorporation of exercise into your life.

Scott Lachmund: Yeah, you’re talking a very similar language to Mark on just prior to calling through and it is all about that. It’s that quality of life that we’re all striving for and by the sounds of it, Genesis, I am a member for our listeners as well, but you really put it across that community spirit, the, involvement of the trainers on the floor and just that sense of encouragement for any members, short, tall, fat, small, I don’t know, anyone’s welcome there and I think that’s where there’s such a variety of what you can offer. With Genesis, Nick, talking about all those walks of life that are in our community, what a range of classes do you offer?

Nicholas Payne: All right, so down here at the club we offer over 40 group fitness classes, including yoga, [inaudible 00:00:07:30], then we also have a 30 plus coaching zone session, using My Zone technology. We have personal training sessions down in the club for that one on one service, heaps of equipment including Olympic lifting gear, bumper plate, kettlebells, et cetera. And we also have a ladies only area, plenty of showers, saunas and a creche facility if you do need those.

Scott Lachmund: Wow. And then the classes, mate, sort of starting early in the morning and then late at night for different employment-

Nicholas Payne: Yeah, they range from 5:00 AM all the way through to about 7:00 PM.

Scott Lachmund: Okay, awesome. Where are we? Membership details, Nick, what’s it cost to be a member of Genesis?

Nicholas Payne: Look, we’ve got heaps of options down here at the club, so best advice is to come into the club so we can find a membership that works best for you and the goals you want to achieve. Memberships range from the basic do it yourself options, about 14,95 a week, to a full service coaching from 49,95 per week in our coaching zone.

Scott Lachmund: Okay, sounds great man. Thanks for joining us. I’m doing a podcast series for our listeners around the local Moreton Bay region and I probably want to grab you on the spot, Nick, if someone mentions the 4510TV podcast, can you give any discounts or offerings, mate?

Nicholas Payne: Yeah, look, come down to club and mention that you heard us on 4510TV and we’ll waive your joining fee and offer you one month free on any membership.

Scott Lachmund: Holy Dooly. All right, thank you, mate, very generous. You heard that listeners, mention 4510TV and head down to Genesis Morayfield, Morayfield Road, just pretty much opposite Bunnings down there and get along, ask for Nick and take up that that membership offer. Nick, I just-

Nicholas Payne: Thank you, mate.

Scott Lachmund: Yeah. I just want to thank you for your time. We’re going to cross back in the studio to Mark and we’ll catch you another time.

Nicholas Payne: Sweet, mate. Take it easy.

Scott Lachmund: Sweet. Thanks Nick. Okay. Back in the studios, which is on Morayfield Road, being proudly powered by Richardson Wrench Real Estate for the 4510TV podcast series. Back with Mark Creedon, Mark, Nick, obviously a colleague of yours and pretty passionate about Genesis. Is there anything there that you wanted to reflect on or add to?

Mark Creedon: Scotty, I’ve worked in several gyms and I haven’t worked in a gym quite like Genesis Morayfield. it has a great community feel. Everyone feels very welcome to be there and supported by members and staff alike. So yeah, what Nick said is accurate.

Scott Lachmund: Let’s dig a bit deeper. The role of a personal trainer, firstly, let’s talk about your study. How did you become a personal trainer?

Mark Creedon: Okay, so it’s a cert three and four in fitness and then you’re a personal trainer.

Scott Lachmund: Okay. And so over a period of time how long did it take you to do that?

Mark Creedon: It took me five weeks to do both.

Scott Lachmund: Okay. And now in the job, if you had a list of things that your role entails, tell us that.

Mark Creedon: It goes from fitness instructor right through to therapist. I guess, yeah, a lot of my job is talking to people and just being there for them, supporting them.

Scott Lachmund: Yeah. Interesting, through this podcast, it’s not just about the health, which we touched, a couple of times it’s been mentioned the mental health side of fitness and exercise. Being a therapist, maybe not a psychologist, but I’d imagine talking with your clients, how do you engage with a client that you think may be having some mental health maybe holding them back from getting involved in exercise?

Mark Creedon: Okay, so sometimes when people engage in physical activity, it brings about emotions and maybe underlying trauma that they’ve had in their life. And I’ve seen it happen a lot when people lose a lot of weight or bring about trauma, like bring it to the surface and being in a gym like Genesis, it gives those clients a support network. So whether it be, if I’m the first line and then other members and the staff. Yeah, everyone feels very supported there.

Scott Lachmund: Interesting. You say people might have some hidden issues or trauma. Trauma is a great word and after they go through a journey of fitness and lose weight, they then maybe rediscover themselves and maybe part of that rediscovery is dealing with some past issues?

Mark Creedon: Yeah, absolutely.

Scott Lachmund: Yep. Have you got an example mate, of a client without naming names, but have you got an example of a client that you’ve maybe been through a journey with of first meeting you, being hesitant to join a gym, then going through a weight programme, losing weight? Have you got an example of that?

Mark Creedon: Yeah, yeah. I’ve got quite a few, probably one that stands out. I met a lady who was new to the gym scene entirely and she had a lot of weight to lose and had a lot of health problems. And my first discussion with her ended with her saying that she might be able to see me on a weekly basis. And that day turned into two years of training. And in that time she lost 50 kilos.

Scott Lachmund: Wow.

Mark Creedon: And stopped having to use a lot of the medication and basically turned her life around. So yeah.

Scott Lachmund: Wow. Big journey over two years. And obviously a lot of weight probably leads us back into our… What’s the word? Segue. Let’s segue into another part of health and wellbeing. And we talk about food, our diet and, once a fan of Chicko rolls, I’d have one daily because I figured it had all the food groups in the one Chicko role. But let’s talk about diets do’s and don’ts. Over our podcast today, as simple as that, what’s a do and a don’t for dieting?

Mark Creedon: Okay. So usually when I’m working with someone, when it comes to nutrition, I try not to lay down too many strict rules. So I like to be flexible with people. It’s important to remember that when you’re making changes, they need only be slight to reap good rewards from that and…

Scott Lachmund: So slight changes. Are you talking about maybe cutting sugar out of a diet? Or…

Mark Creedon: Yeah. Yep. Just little steps can lead to really great results and I always sort of tell people that they don’t need to be perfect. It’s just so long as you’re good most of the time.

Scott Lachmund: Yep. Probably a word, moderation. You don’t have to go out and buy the 10 kilo drum of protein powder and eat broccoli three times a day or a dry fish or chicken. Are you saying just some consistency and some moderation in the bad foods?

Mark Creedon: Yeah, moderation is key. Absolutely.

Scott Lachmund: Not as many drive through McDonald’s or something like that.

Mark Creedon: Exactly. Yeah.

Scott Lachmund: Okay. For our listeners, we’re on the 4510TV podcast, Mark Creedon, personal trainer at Genesis and talking all things health and wellbeing. I like this conversation because I think we could delve into a future episode. We’re already, we like to keep our podcasts around that 20 minute mark, so for our listeners, possibly another episode where we get Mark back in the studios. I’d really like to expand further on maybe the work life balance, maybe a bit of that mental health, maybe some trauma that’s happening in households with finances, stress, et cetera. I really think we could talk a bit further about those topics and expand on that for our listeners. So if you’re up for that Mark, we’ll bring you back in for that.

Mark Creedon: Absolutely mate, that’d be good.

Scott Lachmund: Yeah. I just think there’s so much stress and energy that we’re losing in our daily lives with pressures, etc. And if it all starts just with that 30 minutes a day, as Mark said, with whether it’s walking or just getting out, kick the soccer ball with the kids or walk on the beach. We live in a beautiful part of the world here in the Moreton Bay region and there’s so much to explore. Even last night I saw people enjoying the Glass House Mountains and you’ve been up there, that’s a good activity to do.

Mark Creedon: Absolutely. Yeah. Yep.

Scott Lachmund: So we’ll expand a bit further on that, just for today’s episode three of the 4510TV podcast, health and wellbeing. If you liked the topic, get in touch with us and you can always reach us on our website of and click the Contact Us section. And if you’ve got some input or some information or maybe some topics you’d like us to explore on the podcast series, feel free to contact us there. Matt Creedon, legend, trainer, personal trainer. If you could see him through the podcast, he’s a fit looking bugger and obviously practises what he preaches and just want to thank you for your time,

Mark Creedon: Thank you Scott.

Scott Lachmund: And stay tuned.