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Dog for Dillon – Help Welcome an Autism Assistance Dog Home

It is time for the Caboolture community to help a local boy in need.

Most six-year-old boys loves to run, climb, explore and get dirty and Dillon is no exception. Also, like other boys his age, he is loving and taking on the challenges of early life.

Dog for Dillon - Help Welcome an Autism Assistance Dog Home
Photo by Bass Photography Services
But for Dillon, those challenges don’t stop there. He has been diagnosed with autism, ADHD and sensory processing disorder. This means that everyday situations, places and noises can become overwhelming and lead to meltdowns, shutdowns and even running away.

Further, his parents say Dillon has no awareness of danger and requires constant supervision.

“As parents, it breaks our heart to see him struggle and sitting alone at parties or in the playground just because he doesn’t know how or is unable to relate and interact with other children,” Dillon’s parents said. “Recently we have noticed Dillon seems to have a special love and fondness for animals, which in return has an amazing calming effect on him.

“It was for this reason, we applied for a Smart Pup’s autism assistance dog. A Smart Pup will support many of Dillon’s emotional, physical and social needs including his safety, security and independence whilst also providing companionship, loyalty and unconditional love.

“A best friend he just can’t find in us humans.”

According to the Smart Pups website, smart pups are task-specific assistance dogs trained to improve the quality of life for children with autism and seizure related syndromes. As well as unconditional love, the dogs provide increased independence for the children and much needed help to their families.

For the family’s dream of Dillon being supplied with a smart pup to become a reality, they need to raise $15,000.

A series of events and an auction have been organised which can be found on the Dog for Dillon – Help Welcome an Autism Assistance Dog Home Facebook page.

One event organised will see Nev Mariac shave his goatee off for the first time since before he was married.

“This is going to be a shock, as it is part of my personality and many of my friends, including my wife, have never seen me without it,” Mr Mariac said.
Dog for Dillon - Help Welcome an Autism Assistance Dog Home
In addition to the shave, there will be a jumping castle, face painting, train rides for the kids, coffee van, entertainment, sausage sizzle and selected stall holders all offering a range of products and services. The stall holders will also be donating some of their takings to the Dog for Dillon fund.

This community day is being held on 12 July, at the Wamuran Community Hall.

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