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Scott: Hi Scott Lachmund, 4510 TV. Up nice and early this morning to do some exercise and bring to you something new, viewers to the Caboolture region, we’re at CrossFit Tempus at Cessna Drive, Caboolture with the owner and head coach Robert Bonser, and also coach Nathan Rose. Good morning gentlemen.

Nathan: Morning.

Robert: Morning.

Scott: I’m good now but as we’ll see in the overlay footage over the next hour I’m about to also jump in the ring and we’re going to do some exercise, which we’ll show our viewers on the overlay footage. What I wanted to bring to the show this morning is Rob, firstly tell us what crossfit is.

Robert: Crossfit is a strength and conditioning program, so it basically revolves around constant variance using function movements performed at high intensity. The best thing about it is actually we do it in a real kind of kick ass community, so have a great little community here. Our aim is pretty much to make people fitter, faster and stronger, make them better functioning humans.

Scott: Excellent. Now Nathan, as one of the coaches as well, you offer a variety of programs, so there’s sessions in the morning, there’s then through the day. You offer some one on one PTs, just run through the programs for us.

Nathan: For everyone who’s a member here, we run classes Monday through Friday, starting at 5:00 AM going through until 6:00 PM at night, in the morning as well. We also offer free sessions four times a week at night for the guys who want to come down to just give it a go. For the beginners as well, we give them a week long beginner course before they start with the classes, anything too heavy. Get them in there, get them ready and yeah, have the fun begin. It’s pretty much it.

Scott: The early starts are great. I’m part of the 6:00 AM club so, yeah, it’s new as a concept but obviously it’s great exercise and there is a good environment, as you say Rob. Now crossfit, I think, I think it’s taken the world by storm, more so the last two years. It’s been more in the media and there’s now crossfit games, etc. What do you think about the growth of the industry?

Robert: I think it’s great really. In terms of crossfit’s growth in the industry, I think it’s actually bringing probably proper strength training and even Olympic lifting into kind of the, into more of the public eye. Getting people involved in that and actually people getting the actual benefits of that style of training rather than just the traditional kind of group classes that are out there.

Scott: Excellent. Nathan, you study a lot about nutrition as well, so tell us the importance of that exercise plus good nutrition.

Nathan: Well, myself I’m a [inaudible 00:02:28] exercise physiologist so yeah, four year degree, trained university students. Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand, so 50/50, you can’t really have exercise with a bad diet and you can’t really have a great diet without exercise and have your body working the way you want it to be. Exercise is just as important, so lifting heavy weights, running, doing everything functionally, that’s the idea pretty much. Becoming healthy and getting faster, stronger as crossfit kind of makes you.

Scott: For people that want to get involved, you offer that advice throughout the classes as well?

Nathan: Yeah, throughout the classes if they want to come chat to us one on one sessions, kind of after class, before class, I give them tips with diet, exercise, mobility, so stretching and flexibility and yeah, we just do our best to kind of help everybody be the best they can be I guess.

Scott: Rob, where did the journey start for CrossFit Tempus?

Robert: Almost three years ago. I suppose I’d been doing crossfit myself for a couple years and kind of finishing up, studying my degree at Uni and wanted to, I guess, share my passion for crossfit as well as help people get fitter and stronger and healthier. Yeah, about three years ago kicked off, moved into this bigger shed almost two years ago and been going from there.

Scott: Excellent. Again, we’ll have some overlay footage. There’s going to be lots of people working out this morning. There’s a WOD, so Nathan, tell the viewers what a WOD is.

Nathan: It’s a whole new language, so the WOD is a the workout of the day, so today we have a nice hard workout that’s going to get everyone sweating and puffing and loving life by the end of it. Yeah, it’s pretty tough, but generally you get through it and everyone goes through the same workout each day, depending on where you are fitness-wise, it kind of scales to your level, but it always pushes at high intensity and going your best.

Scott: Excellent. Now gentlemen, let’s move on, it’s Movember, hence the reason for this seedy looking thing above your lip and Nathan you’ve been growing this manly scape for a couple years now. We know, I think the viewers know about Movember and the cause behind it, promoting men’s health and prostate cancer. We’ve got a few of our members this morning, they’re also growing the moes for Movember, but tell us, what are we doing next Saturday, for Movember?

Robert: I’ll let Nate say that, [cross talk 00:04:42]

Nathan: Well Movember’s a lifestyle for me, not just a month, so for the last two years I’ve had a beard. I don’t think most of the members have seen me without facial hair, so it will be a bit of a shock to them, but I’m going to shave the beard off, so getting donations in, also having a bit of a fundraiser with guess weight of the beard. You kind of see how much facial hair is actually on this face and then yeah, on the day pretty much just donating down, having a bit of fun with it all, bringing the community together and yes, having a good Saturday, pretty much.

Scott: And you’re shaving yours off Rob?

Robert: Yeah, at the end of the month. Thankfully, my wife would say, yep.

Scott: We’ll have some links to the Movember donations, because I think it’s a great cause. There’s a few other local businesses in Caboolture getting behind it and they’re also growing some ordinary looking mustaches, but I think yours Nate, that’s a big commitment, two years of that beautiful lock of hair. How heavy do you think it weighs?

Nathan: I’ve done a bit of research behind it and thinking some, well it’s going to be a lot less than you’d think, somewhere between about I’d say eight and 35 grams, which doesn’t seem like a whole lot, but the goal is to try and beat Lucas Park, who’s one of the top crossfit athletes in the world. If I can up him in at least facial hair, then I’ll feel pretty good about myself.

Scott: It’s a very competitive sport, isn’t it, in moes as well as fitness? Rob, to wrap up because the viewers by now, they would have seen me sweating and a few other members sweating, doing our workout. What would you say to close our interview this morning to welcome people to crossfit?

Robert: I think the main thing is, you don’t have to be fit to start. That’s the biggest misconception actually, so the best thing you can do to get fit is to actually start. We cater for everyone’s fitness levels, anyone who wants to get started, whatever background, whatever kind of injuries you maybe carrying already. We actually have expertise to kind of cater for that as well. Just come on down and give it a go really.

Scott: Excellent. Gentlemen, Robert Bonser and Nathan Rose. I just call them Rob and Nate, but thank you and please don’t punish me too hard over this next hour, but if anyone wants to get fit and healthy in Caboolture, get down to CrossFit Tempus, Cessna Drive at Caboolture and we’ll have those details after the videos. Thanks fellows.

Robert: Thanks Scott.

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