Stay Tuned to 4510TV - Caboolture in 2015

Stay Tuned to 4510TV – Caboolture in 2015

Watch the video to find out about some of the exciting things 4510TV – Caboolture will be getting up to in 2015. Also, we have just launched a brand new video platform and moved away from Youtube.

This is keeping in line with 4510TV being a media leader in the Caboolture region and continually being the first to innovate for Caboolture audiences.

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Caboolture Historical Village – THE STORY BEHIND OUR COLLECTION

The Caboolture Historical Society commenced in 1959 and the collection commenced at about the same time. The criterion for the collection was decided to be items related to the Caboolture area and up to around 1959. This criterion has since been changed to include items up to around 1985 as we have found that to keep some form of relevance to our younger visitors we needed to include items that they can relate to with items that may be in their household or their grandparent’s homes. Click here for more information