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Scott Lachmund: Hi, Scott Lachmund, 4510TV. Today’s program viewers, we want to do a feature one of their local businesses, Caboolture Cruise and Travel. And with the owner, Robert Adams. G’day, Robert.

Robert Adams: Good morning. Thank you Scott for coming in.

Scott Lachmund: No worries.
Now Rob, you’re in the Caboolture Park Shopping Center which is on King Street, Caboolture but you’re in a new location with the shop. Tell us about that.

Robert Adams: That’s right, just over 12 months ago now we moved into our new location. We were down at the other entrance which they closed off because they spent 18 million on the center.

Scott Lachmund: Yup.

Robert Adams: We’re part of the upgrade of that, so that’s why we’ve got our new location and a tidy new office so we’re really excited about it. The only thing we brought from the old one was our computers and our phones and the sife and everything else is brand new.

Scott Lachmund: Very exciting and Robert, you’ve been in the travel game, tell the viewers 20+ years?

Robert Adams: I’ve been in the travel game since I was 16 so I’ve covered all aspects of travel. I started off in the couch industry and then I moved into the airline industry. We have our own travel agency; my wife and I own the agency. We’re an independent agent. We’re responsible for our own future and we’ve been trading here for coming up on our 23rd in Caboolture.

Scott Lachmund: Wow, congratulations. The new premises, the new shop, and it does look good this morning. It’s busy this morning with a few customers booking holidays.
Let’s roll into our interview because what I want to feature is what you’ve got on offer for your local residents. We’re only a month shy of Christmas. Is there any specials that you want to offer today?

Robert Adams: Well there’s always a lot of specials, Christmas is extremely busy for us. A lot of people book early for Christmas and the secret to getting the best price for where you’re going is to book early. There is still some availability in the South Pacific Islands and limited availability on cruises. Next year is going to be another big year we’re finding because the Australian dollar, that South America is becoming very popular as well as South Africa and the Pacific Islands in Asia. We’re exciting about that. Europe’s slowly starting to pick up and so is America so it’ll be interesting to see how that goes in the next 12 months.

Scott Lachmund: Yeah, it sounds like a world trip over the next 12 months, 2016. It’s great that maybe these other locations are becoming popular on the tourist map.

Robert Adams: That’s right. What we are, we’re members of what we call two organizations – Cruiseco and World Wide Cruising. With those organizations, they offer exclusive offers in relation to cruise air packages with accommodations so you can fly into Europe, have a few nights before you board the ship in say Rome, and get off in Barcelona. It’s been a new way of people seeing Europe and we have a lot of exclusive product that we can offer to our clients. We also produce a quarterly magazine called the bridge. Now with that, that gives you information about port destinations, it gives you information about new cruise ships coming on board, and we also feature a few packages in there which are good value offers.

Scott Lachmund: Yeah, excellent. We see now in the news that cruising is the top trending holiday in the future. I’ve been on a few cruises and it’s absolutely great, but what do you think about the cruise industry?

Robert Adams: Well it is a growing industry and of course with the new ships coming on board, they’ve actually upgraded a lot of the cruise ships even out of Brisbane now we’re seeing more Royal Caribbean cruises operating out of here in December. That’s a new cruise line coming in as well as the P&O and Princess group. There’s more people knocking on the door and coming into our summer season. We get a lot of cruise ships coming into Australia. The reason for that is they’re not operating through Alaska, they keep bringing their ships down here. They’re on will cruises, people pick them up and then they go off to Asia or other destinations. It’s a great opportunity for the tourist industry in Australia to get benefits of those cruise ships. We’ve found that in Australia, they predicted by the year 2020 that the figures were going to really double and that’s already happening, so it is a massive growth business but there’s other things to do other than cruising.

Scott Lachmund: There is. Now Robert, you also from time to time run information nights for your clientele. Tell us a little bit about that.

Robert Adams: Yes. We just did one last week. We do that down at the local sports club down here. The last one we did was South America and Antarctic. We brought in Alex from South American Travel Center. He’s an expert, been in the industry a long time, specialized in that part of the world for the last 20 odd years so he knew his stuff about each country, what to see, about the country, the food, the history. Depending on what your interests are, you can spend a lot of time going through different countries.
Now with the opening of the doors with Cuba, Cuba’s becoming a very popular destination for people that would like to go there, a bit hesitant but now the door’s are opening. I think it’d be best to see Cuba as we see it now, to get in early because I think it will change with companies moving in there and changing the old cars. I love to see those old cars and the painted building. It’s really exciting.

Scott Lachmund: Most definitely. Robert Adams, owner of Caboolture Cruise and Travel. If I had more money mate, I’d be here every day booking a holiday but you’re a one stop shop. Come in and see your staff, the team. You can get passport photos done, book the holiday, payments, etc. You’ve got it all.

Robert Adams: Yes and we also give a lot of good advice. It’s not just about planning your holiday, you want advice when you come into a travel agency and the staff that I have, we’ve all been in the game a long time. We’ve all got a lot of experience and we’re always willing to help people and give them a good advice. They don’t get stuck somewhere. We put up a lot of travel information on our Facebook, it’s just information about what’s happening. I mean people don’t understand the 24 hour and when you’re given an itinerary with that, they think what time is 02:30. Well that’s 2:30 in the morning instead of 2:30 in the afternoon so you don’t turn up at the wrong time.

Scott Lachmund: I understand. And you have a favorite saying Robert, we might end on that bit folks. If you’re out there in the Caboolture community, come and book your next holiday here at Caboolture cruise and travel, Caboolture Park Shopping Center on King Street. You have a saying, can you say that off the top of your head?

Robert Adams: Yes, I’ll let you know. Without a travel agency, you’re on your own.

Scott Lachmund: There you go. Thanks for the interview and good luck with future business, Robert.

Robert Adams: Thanks Scott, we appreciate the time. Thank you.

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