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Caboolture 2015 Wrap-Up

Scott: Hi, Scott Lachmund, 4510TV. What a year 2015 has been for the 4510TV crew. We’ve covered many events, many causes, supported a lot of community groups throughout our Caboolture region and we’ve also showed you some lovely spots to visit within the region as well, so this video to our loyal viewers, we just wanted to do a summary over the next four or five minutes of everything that we have captured throughout the year. We have hit just over 1,130,000 hits on our website, unique visits. We have a collaboration of over 10,000 Facebook followers through various pages that we do manage and are associated with, within our community.

Causes this year, we’ve supported Multi-Cultural Association, Leukemia Foundation, Parkinson’s. We’ve done a lot of cancer support group networking and awareness. We’ve also covered the chaplaincy program, which finally in our local schools and with that we featured the Red Frogs program just recently. They were pretty busy down on the coast for schoolies. We’ve also covered domestic violence and the awareness in our community that’s desperately needed for that growing epidemic. We’ve also this year, being the 100th anniversary Anzac Day, we did quite a special feature on Anzac Day 2015 and you might want to troll back on our website and have a look at those features, if you didn’t quite see it.

Totally moving moments from the Dorm Parade right through to the Main March that we covered in Caboolture, but many, many causes that we do like to reach out to, try to support and put some marketing and promotion behind these charities so that you, our audience, can get to know a bit more about what’s happening in your local community. Right behind me, we are standing here in the town square, King’s Street, Caboolture and the resource, the Caboolture Hub right behind us, an absolute anchor in our community for learning and for growth of our youth and just a great resource. If you haven’t been along to the Culture Hub, I suggest you do so.

From here viewers, we’re going to cut away and go and visit some of our favorite locations we’ve seen throughout 2015 and continue to tell you what we’ve covered. As we continue our journey through our 2015 summary here on 4510TV, it brings us to this site. We’re standing in front of the Queensland State Equestrian Center, QSES as it’s known to the locals, another great example of investment in our growing Caboolture region. We’re attracting people from all over Australia, but also all over the world. People are traveling to this facility for the equestrian scene.

Not only that, it has the ability to host large events for our region. There’s been concerts, there’s been rodeos, medieval jousting competitions. There’s even been the Urban Country Music Festival, which is very popular for our region as well. Having this sort of resource in our backyard is absolutely great for our growing region. Talking about our growing region, small business, it’s something that we’ve always supported here on 4510TV. Throughout this year, 2015, you can do some searches on our website and check out some interviews of some local businesses.

We’ve covered Crossfit, Jack Willows Health and Beauty, we’ve done Caboolture Cruise and Travel, Halo another hair and beauty salons, a very large business in our community. IFixIt Mobiles for all your mobile repairs, check those guys out. Caboolture BMX, although maybe not a business, more of a sporting group, but we did a feature on them and they’ve produced some great Australian champions out of their junior riders this year, which we’ve heavily featured on 4510TV. The Warplane Museum out at the Caboolture Airfield, a must for tourists. If you’re in the area you need to go and check that out, the history of flight in Caboolture early days.

The Rural Fire Brigade, where would we be without them during our bush fire season, both Rocksberg and Wamuran and out of Woodford. The Rural Fire Brigade, we did a feature on them because they’re the ones we call upon when we have that dry, hot weather here in Caboolture. The Indoor Sports Center, again, a facility creating champions, young Australian champions, all coming from Caboolture region. From here, let’s segue across to another great site I like to visit, it’s the Caboolture Historical Village. Talking about community groups that we support around the Caboolture region, none better than the Caboolture Historical Village Society.

They’re a bunch of great volunteers. Their heart is in Caboolture, the history of Caboolture and preserving everything that has originated from here. Do yourself a favor, visit the Historical Village, especially on Australia Day. The often do reenactments and have a big open day on Australia Day, so maybe catch that in 2016, but a great example of preserving Caboolture’s history from the very early days of the early settlers right through to modern history of where we have up to 40,000 cars a day on Morayfield Road.

They’ve captured it all and right here on 4510TV, if you want to explore more of the Caboolture history, we have a full detailed account on our website. Just go to, click on Caboolture history and you’ll know what I’m talking about. The most comprehensive online account of Caboolture’s history. I hope you look and enjoy that research that we developed here as part of the 4510TV crew. On to the next site. As we skip around on this quick summary of 2015 and what we’ve covered through 4510TV, it brings us to this location, St Columban’s College Caboolture, one of the most innovative high school and colleges in our Caboolture region.

We’ve supported the college throughout 2015 and we continue in 2016. Look forward to the new projects and the new expansions that they’ll keep on delivering for the students of our area. The sister school to this, St. Peter’s Primary School on Beerburrum Road at Caboolture, we’ve also helped them throughout the year with a couple of their causes, as well as their swimming pool, another great facility for local kids in our Caboolture region. Other schools we’ve supported, Morayfield High School, Morayfield State Primary School and a couple others where we’ve shared some of their posts and some of their events happening throughout the year.

We welcome you, our viewers, or students, teachers out there in the Caboolture region, if you’ve got an event coming up in 2016, sing out to us, drop us an email, and we’d like to come to your school and also feature the activities and growth that you’re experiencing with kids and what’s happening in your backyard. Keep in touch with us, drop us an email, it’s on our website, Time to sit down for a second, relax, on what has been a great 2015 for the 4510TV crew, here on site at North Harbour.

When we talk about the growth and the population of this growing Caboolture region, what better example than this, a brand new estate on the eastern side of the Bruce Highway, with 1,000 acres of designated open space and parkland, bordering on the beautiful Caboolture River. North Harbour, the place where everyone will want to live in the future and part of our beautiful Caboolture region. We talk about population and of course that leads to real estate., it’s a community project powered by Richardson and Wrench Real Estate and the Lachmund family.

It wouldn’t be possible to bring you all these community stories, events, courses and support, if it wasn’t for Richardson and Wrench Real Estate Caboolture and you’ve seen us throughout the year feature our market update to each quarter. We’ve also done our property videos of houses for sale, but also in 2016, we’re going to bring you much more information, real information about how we can assist you as a family, in your real estate needs. That might be the updates, it might be sharing of information, but generally just exposing our wider Caboolture region so that you, maybe not a local, maybe someone looking to invest in the area, you can keep in touch right thru 4510TV and we’ll bring you all the latest real estate news, I can assure you.

Thank you once again our principal sponsor and it wouldn’t be possible without Richardson and Wrench Real Estate. A little bit glarey, it’s 32 degrees here in Caboolture today, so this shade is beautiful. We’re going to pop over to one of our favorite spots, the Rocksberg pools and we’ll finish our wrap up for 2015 there. Here we are, our final destination on the summary of 2015 with It is the beautiful Rocksberg. We visit this place quite regularly. It’s at the very end of Caboolture River Road as you come out from the Morayfield Shopping Center.

As you can see behind me, school holidays and there’s some local kids having a bit of fun off the Tarzan, swinging to the beautiful fresh water rock pools that we’ve got here at Rocksberg. That about wraps it up for the 2015 series. We hope you’ve enjoyed following along our community TV. Once again, it is a community project, sponsored by Richardson and Wrench Real Estate and your host Scott Lachmund and a big shout out to my cameraman and IT support, Andrew McCarthy-Wood. We hope to see you in 2016. Be safe on the road over the Christmas holiday and the festive season.

If you want to check out any local traffic or weather conditions don’t forget, jump on our website, follow the traffic and weather. Gives you real time information. The Bruce Highway webcams, you can see if there’s any delays there for you and any traffic updates locally. You’ll follow it all on our website. From our crew to you and your families, all the very best for the festive season ahead and we’ll see you in 2016. As I always say, stay tuned.

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