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Beachmere Pelicans

Scott Lachmund: Hi, Scott Lachmund from 4510TV. Pretty excited this afternoon. Out at the grounds of the Pelicans, Beachmere the rugby league club for Beachmere in our 4510 area. With me, coach of the Adeens team Scotty Cray. How ya doing?

Scotty: Very well mate, yourself?

Scott Lachmund: Very good. We’ve also got players and captain.
Brayden: Brayden Mashen [crosstalk 00:00:25] for the Adeens team.

Scott Lachmund: And?

Luke Blanford: Luke Blanford and also captain.

Scott Lachmund: The boys, they’ve agreed to be on camera because I want to do a feature on the Beachmere Rugby League. As we can see in the background the women’s league is going to give you a run for your money as well.

Scotty a big season ahead for 2016. You’re pretty excited that you’ve got an 18 team in the sunshine coast.

Scotty: Yeah making history for Beachmere for the first time. [inaudible 00:00:51] We’ve got reserve grade for the first time this year so we want to get A-grade. If these young fellas come through without injury we could probably get an A-grade in the upcoming years. They can shoot out and play reserve grade and we can be in competition in the sunny coast.

Scott Lachmund: It’s all about the juniors coming up and these boys. I’m sure juniors are growing a bit bigger these days. But scotty the exciting part, you’ve been a part of the Pelicans for a long time. Back in 1996 when you were a young fella. Tell us a little bit about your history.

Scotty: I’ve played here for a very long time. I’ve seen a lot of coaches come and go. Lived in the town since 1996, I know everybody. It’s a good family and tighter club. A lot of good people around. The council is finally starting to notice Beachmere and do some stuff for us around the place.

Scott Lachmund: I’m glad you mention that because the Morton Bay Regional Council. I won’t say that you’ve been forgotten. But certainly your facilities here for the sportsground, for all the local Beachmere people it’s well overdue for an upgrade. Tell us what’s happening.

Scotty: We’ve got the new dressing sheds. We got the new … the club just got extended. They spent 100,000 dollars on the ground to make it nice and flat for us and just all around good. They’ve got the new car park coming in so it’s going to be very attractive for other people to come along and play footy here.

Scott Lachmund: Most definitely. Boys lets go along. The Adeens … the captain … that’s a big call to make. How’s the team feeling in these preliminaries, ready for the big season ahead?

Brayden: We’re feeling good, feeling strong. Getting our numbers up. We’ll be good.

Scott Lachmund: So training for you guys, do you train a couple of days a week?

Brayden: Yes, Mondays and Wednesdays for an hour each time.

Scott Lachmund: The likes of having a mentor like Scotty involved in the club. How’s that for you younger fellas?

Brayden: It’s great, you know? He’s got a lot of experience to put onto the rest of us boys.

Scott Lachmund: Fellow captain, let’s go along. Your involvement in the club, have you been here as a junior?

Luke Blanford: Yes, seven years this year now.

Scott Lachmund: And your position?

Luke Blanford: Halfback, fullback.

Scott Lachmund: So you’re the fast fella?

Luke Blanford: I guess.

Scott Lachmund: I’ll give you a run for your money mate. I still do 100 in about ten seconds … off camera. Tell what else about the junior rugby league. It’s such a great involvement and it’s a great sport for juniors to get involved. Instead of staying at home, playing Xbox’s and all that sort of stuff, what do you reckon Scotty get the kids out there?

Scotty: Without footy, without sport in your life … I’ve never been without sport. I’ve always had sport come first in my life and it sort of gives them discipline and gives them something to aim for too.

Scott Lachmund: Most definitely. The girls in the background. Give us your thoughts on the girls rugby league.

Brayden: Yeah … They’re a pretty strong team I guess.

Scott Lachmund: Have you ever gone up against them? Like troll matches or something?

Brayden: No, no.

Scott Lachmund: Scared or?

Brayden: No, no don’t want to hurt them you know?

Scott Lachmund: Further comments about the club, obviously as a junior for the last seven years a lot of pride and passion in the Pelicans?

Luke Blanford: Yeah, a great club, small town. Get to know everyone real quick and all the teams and stuff so good.

Scott Lachmund: There’s lots of people looking and giving us gestures of thumbs up, maybe not that finger but thumbs up. Boys I appreciate your time. It’s just good to feature Beachmere and the rugby league. We wish you all the best for the 2016 season ahead.

Scotty: Thanks very much.

Scott Lachmund: Thank you. Thanks boys.

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